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Where is the Beginning Anyway?

on May 25, 2017

People have been telling me to write a book for years now. It seems my life is interesting to a lot of folks. The thing is though, this is my life so how can I locate the beginning, and hopefully, we’re not at the end right?

So I’ll admit, I do find myself in the midst of a lot of shenanigans, probably more than my fair share. That’s why they say I should write a book. I’m the first person to say I don’t want any drama in my life, but usually, while I’m saying it, something crazy is poppin’ off.

My sister once told a friend of mine that getting into my car is an adventure, no matter what the plans were when you got in, you just never really know what you’re going to experience, when you’re getting out, or where the car will go.

My son, on drugs at the time had driven my car into a ditch, and it was about to get towed. I kind of hijacked a good friend’s life for a bit, shuffled people around, moved kids here n there, so I could deal with the car. Anyway, that’s a huge story, and you’ll read about it, but not right now.

Right now, I’m going to tell you where my story really begins, where I get my undercover Cookie Lyon from. See I used to think my story started with my, well let’s just say ‘not quite normal’ childhood. Isn’t that where everyone’s story starts? So I started it out like.. Well we were poor, poorer than you could imagine… but we weren’t really poor, my dad made a lot of money..  then I’d start out trying to blog about everything wrong with my upbringing, and it really wasn’t as terrible as I can make it seem.

It sounded downright depressing really, just a telling of every bad secret, and none of the good you know.. You’re going to read those secrets, when you read what I write here but not like that. Not just a pouring out of all that was negative. I loved my childhood really, and everyone in it.

So, then I thought, well whenever some part of my life blows up, or something goes hella crazy, that’s when people say I should write a book. For instance, I once hit a truck at a stop light. I was reaching for my cigarettes (I know, ewwww, right?!) and I guess I let some of the pressure off of the break and the car rolled forward, I didn’t even realize. So I hit this big ole truck with my teeny little car. It was a story! I’ll tell it later, but let me tell you! OMG. So anyway, I go to school at the International Air Academy, and I’m late, and I’m at risk of being kicked out because I’ve been late before. So I tell them, I got in an accident, the guy threatened me, I lied about my name…

My teacher, her name was Amy Gaines, though I am thinking I should change the names in this story. I mean I know I should, but I plan to share the story on Facebook, so that really does make this tricky. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with that part of the story, but I guess I’ll get to that then.

Anyway, Miss Amy Gaines tells me that during the 9 month course of the class (I don’t recall how many of the 9 we were through) I’ve lived more life than she has in her entire life. She tells me I should write a book.

So I have tried, I’ve tried a few times. I’ve tried beginning with parents, and I’ve tried beginning with that hit n run story, and other equally shocking events.. where I ‘tell all’. I’ve also tried with a fun little story involving my oldest daughters biological dad. . . Because I wrote a really great essay about a really great encounter we had once, and I thought for years he was the only man I’d ever love…

I was wrong though, and though he plays a huge part in my life, he’s not where I begin, he’s not where I end, and now, honestly, he’s really absolutely insignificant. I realized tonight, while watching Empire of all things, that I begin when my children begin.

I began when I brought a little girl into the world, and she became mine. That’s when I started doing crazy things like getting random jobs, and swinging blindly at perfect pitches and missing, trying to figure out how to make a family, who to be, and how to be.

You’re going to read all of those other stories, and you’re going to know all of mine, and my closest friends secrets before you’re done. You’re going to know all that I know, but I won’t just be telling you our dirt, that’s why it didn’t work before. I know some AMAZING women, with stories that will blow your minds, in fact, I really hope some of them can be persuaded to tell you their stories themselves.. wouldn’t it be really neat to link my version of a story to their version of it, and see how our webs weaved into each others lives. Amber might be willing, perhaps Cristina too. I don’t know though, I’m the writer, we’ll see what I can talk them in to. But the point is this. I started out trying to dish a bunch of dirt, tell you all of the wrongs that brought me to where I am, and all the dirty little secrets that me n mine have hidden pretty deep.

That’s not the real story though, the story is what we have been through, and the love we all have and have had. Our shenanigans will come out, but only so you understand us more, not just because you’re going to be shocked.


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