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Hey Dad, Mom’s Indian! :D

on May 25, 2017

Tomaka was my first ever real boyfriend. I think we dated for about a week. I guess I’m getting old, you’d think a girl would remember meeting her first boyfriend right? I don’t. I think I walked by his house but that’s all I really remember. I remember meeting his mamma though, wheewww that woman did not like me at all.

Tomaka, like Harvey was a dark skinned Indian, tall and lanky with shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes.

He didn’t have the muscle or the swagger Harvey had, but .. he was about to have something else.

Apparently his family and Harvey’s family had some beef too, I kind of remember that. I have never been one to adopt other people’s issues though, so I didn’t pay any nevermind to it.

So Harvey’s family, which was quickly becoming my family, didn’t approve, and neither did my dad. He wasn’t okay with me dating indians apparently. Odd, because, well, he’d married one.

As he was telling me about how white people shouldn’t date Indian people, my uncle and my aunt were just baffled. Not offended, but super amused. My mom was finally like UMMM HELLOO, which she’s infamous for saying, and everyone roared with laughter while my dad lost that battle. There will be more on interracial dating later though :D. I won this battle, but the war would wage on..

The victory from that long fought battle would be short lived. Here I was newly allowed to date an Indian boy, plus allowed to date, at the ripe old age of 13, when …..about a week after I started ‘dating’ Tomaka, I found him in the gym with Tawny. How cliche is that shit. He was messing with my best friend.

They were happily playing some basketball or something in the gym when I walked in and found them together, this was in my middle school life, very serious business. Tomaka and I broke up. I gave Tawny the necklace that he gave to me.

I remember telling my mom that we’d broke up, and how heartbroken she was for me. My mom really is the sentimental caring type. I love her. I didn’t always. We strong women tend to hide all our real feelings, and can be hard to understand.

Anyway, I broke up with Tomaka, and then he was with Tawny, my.. EX best friend. We didn’t speak for a few days, but.. I did feel like I should tell her when I slept with him; Making him my official first. It was this clumsy, and painful, and icky act one night when I’d run away from home. The first time actually. Because I was stubborn, and my mom wanted me to bring my backpack in the house off the porch, and told me not to come into the house until I did.

I sat outside for what felt like forever, and then, I just got up and left. I don’t know why I didn’t just go to Lorrinda’s house. That’s what I’d do every time after, but this particular time, I pretty much walked up and down Tomaka’s block until he noticed me. Thank Goodness his mom had sent him to the store or I’d have been out there all night!

Tomaka wasn’t my first kiss, but it was such a sweet kiss, in the backyard of a house that we used to cut through from 13th to 14th place in NE Portland. The sky was clear, the stars were shining, and I was making out with my bestfriends boyfriend. How sweet it was.

When he learned that I had ‘run away’ he brought me in for the night, which I’m sure was my plan all along. I stayed awake all night long after we’d had sex, and in the morning, before he snuck me out so we could both go to school, he made me promise to not tell Tawny. Well girls, this was probably the first of these secret’s I’d not keep, the first in a line of many! I probably told Tawny in the first 15 minutes of school.

We argued, kind of. Then, we both realized that if we had this argument, louder, and in class, we could storm out and skip school, and so we did. Tomaka didn’t have a girlfriend anymore, I didn’t have my virginity either, but I had my best friend! I had given her the necklace he’d given me, so see, a win win, outside of the crappy sex.


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