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Introducing Harvey

on May 25, 2017

Now I know I told you my daughters bio-dad is not the beginning of my story.  Somehow though, I’m back there, strange that. So I was obsessed with this man. There’s no other word. For my entire youth, he had my soul. He was my first love. He didn’t deserve to be, but I imagine that’s neither here nor there.

When my best friends and sisters read this page, they’re likely just to close the damn blog. That is how much I went on and on about Harvey. Seriously, obsessed is an understatement. Sometimes I pick on Cristina, because of her David, but I was probably worse. Or I would have been had we had the technology then that we now do. Hell, I’m so not in love with him anymore, and I still check every now and then to see if he’d gotten a facebook page yet. I even used to call his voicemail, just to hear his voice, wondering what, if anything I’d say if he ever picked up.

I’d have had a different life with him, that’s for sure. Anyway, I feel a little like I’m betraying the actual love of my life telling you this story… but I want to just be transparent, and honest with myself in the very least..

I met Harvey when I was a kid. Probably 8 or 10 or so. He was somehow connected with my then babysitter. I don’t think they actually dated, I’d be willing to bet that they’d had sex. She went to visit him, and I was with her one day.  I thought he was pretty cute, odd that I was that young crushing on boys, but I was.

She flirted with him, kissed him, you’ll find that I also had a similar crush on my husband, and a similar encounter with this babysitter and he, only they WERE dating at the time.

Anyway, I saw him, and I thought he was cute, I was little-girl-crushing, and then, I didn’t see him again for a long time, not until i was in the 7th grade actually.

The 7th grade was where I met my then best friend Tawny. We didn’t really pressure each other to do things, because for the most part we just constantly lied and said we’d already done everything and it was no big deal. So one day, Tawny asked me if I’d ever skipped school, and just like I told her I had obviously already smoked cigarettes, before choking down my first one, I told her that of course I’d skipped school, duh.

Then she asked if I wanted to skip school with her. Now that was HUGE. I wasn’t sure about that… until she told me that she was meeting up with these boys, Harvey and Robert. You know what, to this day I don’t know how Harvey met Tawny, or why he was tryna mess with her anyway, he was actually pretty racist, and Tawny is mixed. Anyway, once she said his name, I was in. I also let her know from that moment, he was mine, a fact she’d never forget, because for the next several years, he would be all I would talk about.

They were visible from our school, sitting on their bikes in the adjoining park, and that’s all I remember about that day. We went, we must have saw them, hung out. I really have no idea. But that day would change my whole life.

Come to find out, his sister Lorrinda who also would play a major role in my life also went to my school, and we quickly became friends with her. We also started skipping school pretty much daily, Lorrinda dropped out, Harvey had already dropped out, so we all just went to their house when we wanted to skip, if we could get there with Mr. Smith the security guy finding us and bringing us back to school.

Ironically, he’d search all over the neighborhood for us. He’d find us, drag us back to school, then suspend us for skipping and have our moms come get us. That’s funny shit right there isn’t it?

Lorrinda and Tawny weren’t huge fans of each others, in fact, Charles wasn’t a huge fan of Lorrinda either, you’ll hear about Charles, and my sins against him later but for now, I loved Harvey, Lorrinda and I eventually became inseparable, and most of my friends and family didn’t really care for either. I mean I didn’t love Harvey yet, but I was well on my way.

The thing is, we didn’t really do much Harvey and I, so although I had these huge strong teen feelings for him, I won’t have a ton of stories for you about him. We didn’t really .. go outside.. even.

Harvey wasn’t even my first boyfriend… he was the father of my daughter, and for a long, long … long time he held my heart, but .. before Harvey, there was Tomaka.


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